Sharing the Light 30 Day Challenge

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Please help WCN provide clean water, blankets and The Word of God to people suffering from the conflict between the Ukraine and the Russian forces. Since early 2014, citizens in Ukraine have been trapped in the conflict and have become victims of violence and displacement. Many are without shelter and adequate resources and among those affected are even prisoners. The bombing and fighting has destroyed their infrastructure and left them with little hope for survival. WCN is responding to these victims of this disaster and we invite you to participate in this challenge with us! Our goal is to provide water filters, buckets, blankets and scripture booklets to the lost and broken. Please assist us in sharing the love of Christ to these hurting individuals!

For more information on the conflict in Ukraine -

Ukraine: Everything you need to know about how we got here - CNN (article) 

Enter an amount next to the items you would like to provide. You may donate to more than one area if desire. Type the amount in each box, then click "Donate" to complete the donation. Thank you for partnering with us to alleviate the suffering in Ukraine!


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One of God's most powerful characteristics is compassion.  The very word compassion means "to suffer together, to be involved in other peoples' suffering to the point of taking action to help."

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