Joplin, MS 2011

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This is one of the teams that went to Joplin to help clean up.  Mark Hazelet, WCN Volunteer Coordinator, took a small team to help families struggling with the rebuilding process.  One of the homes they were working on had been totally gutted and was not livable, the owner and her daughter are dependent on the compassion of others to be able to have a place of their own.

But thanks to the kindness of complete strangers – this shell of a house is becoming a home.  The broken is being repaired, the destroyed is being resurrected, and the love of Christ is being shown abroad.  The work teams are not just rebuilding homes, they are helping people rebuild their lives.

Those of you who support WCN either by praying or financially have a part of being the hands and feet of Christ to this lady.  As you look through these pictures, please say a prayer for the people who are still struggling with loss and for more people to share the burden of rebuilding.  If you would like to be a team member for future work trips, please send an email to: or fill out the volunteer form by clicking here.  And again – thank you. 

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One of God's most powerful characteristics is compassion.  The very word compassion means "to suffer together, to be involved in other peoples' suffering to the point of taking action to help."

If you are interested in volunteering with us click here for more information.

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