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A Gift-in-Kind [GIK] is a non-monetary gift of a tangible item usable for the purposes of the ministry.  Personal property that is of good quality and consistent with our needs may include food, clothing, supplies, equipment, vehicles, jewelry, etc.  A gift of real estate may also be appropriate.  Donated items require approval of WCN before they are accepted.  Items must be safe for use and consistent with the purposes of our vision and mission.  Call our office at 574-267-5427 to see what our specific needs are.

Click here to see a WCN form that you may print out to easily and properly document your Gift-In- Kind donation before the gift is given to us.
Non-cash charitable contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by IRS law. For taxpayers whose deduction of non-cash gifts is more than $500, the IRS requires the donor to submit Form 8283 -- Noncash Charitable Contributions. You may access Form 8283 here.

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One of God's most powerful characteristics is compassion.  The very word compassion means "to suffer together, to be involved in other peoples' suffering to the point of taking action to help."

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